Awkward Silence Games

Unfinished Business #6: Random Generation

So this is probably one of the more complex things I’ve done (which isn’t saying much). While there isn’t any plot or story behind this one, it features a bunch of cool little things game play-wise.

First of; each screen is randomly generated, so the scrolling goes on forever. You can go back and fourth between the screens and any progress made on each screen will be saved. I’m mentioning these mundane, obvious features because they were fucking cunts to program.

So secondly, you can collect resources from the 2 assets in the game. Rocks and wood. To collect them, just stand near them on the screen and click with the mouse. After a certain amount of resources have been collected, you can build a cabin on the red areas. That’s about the limit of the game were I left it, but if I remember correctly I was aiming for some kind of 2D side-scrolling Don’t Starve.


Click here to play: Some game

Another note on this one. I seem to have another version of the game, without the ‘survival’ aspect, but with some crazy visuals.

Click here to play that.

Unfinished Business #5: I guess I’m floating

I Guess I’m Floating (named after a particularly pretty M83 song) is a game I started making for a Ludum Dare. I honestly don’t remember which, or what the theme was.

There isn’t much to say about this one since I was sort of making it up as I was going along. I guess a ghost love story? There also isn’t any music/audio to talk about, but maybe throw on some Unchained Melody and I’m sure it will all work out.

It’s a point and click, but there isn’t much to point or click at.


Click here to play: I Guess I’m Floating

Unfinished Business #4: A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs

This one is one of the stranger things I’ve worked on. In fact I’ve only just now named it “A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs” because I remember a small piece of it was inspired by the Modest Mouse song. As for the rest of it: I was going for as obscure as possible.

It’s a game that would have taken place over thousands of years, multiple characters and a civilization. That, however, is all going to be very hard to see from this ‘demo’. Another strange thing about this guy, is that some of the visuals change depending on what time of the day you play it. That’s a feature I’ve been trying to use for years.

The music is Disengaged by Grouper, with what sounds like an audiobook layered over it. I think it’s Anthem by Ayn Rand.


Click here to play A Wild Pack Of Family Dogs
(it might take a little time to load)

Unfinished Business #3: Exile

Exile is one of the shorter/more pointless things I’ll be uploading. It’s one screen and is basically just a floating dude that you can control with the arrow keys. He moves pretty slow.

Exile was going to be a story about a guy with amnesia (trite, I know) who it turns out has been exiled from Earth. It was kind of a lot like Gravity, but a few years before it came out. It would have largely been an atmospheric experience: floating through space for long periods of time, coming across artifacts and sections inside space stations. I’m not sure why I gave up on the idea, because I still kind of like it now. Maybe I’ll reboot one day.

So the reason I included this non-demo is because it features a couple of things I haven’t done since: my own analogue audio design. That’s me breathing in the game, and if you stick around long enough, that’s also me playing the guitar (very poorly). I don’t think I’d like to do either of those things again.

Exile was scripted in AS2 and features code mostly stolen from another game I haven’t finished: Into The Black. Another sci-fi game. I might post about it tomorrow.


Click here to play EXILE.

Unfinished Business #2: Pulse

Pulse was a game I started as soon as I had finished One Chance. The idea came about after having watched the J-Horror of the same name (however, It’ll probably be hard to tell from the few minutes of incoherent gameplay).

A couple of notes. This is was my first time of using a couple things I’d later use a whole bunch. First being point & click. Second being that film grain. I use that shit on everything now.

This one is purely a point and click, and if I remember correctly, pretty much ends after the conversation downstairs. There are a couple of things to interact with.


Click here to play PULSE

Unfinished Business #1: SleepyHead

I’ve talked about Sleepyhead very briefly earlier on this here blog, but I’ll elaborate a little.

In 2006 Don Hertzfeldt released EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, and it blew my blossoming pretentious mind. A few years later (after the release of I AM SO PROUD OF YOU), I decided that I wanted to make a game that was also simple, but very beautiful. So instead of taking those loose rules and making something of my own, I decided to almost completely copy Don’s aesthetic (to a child’s degree) and make a game about death or dreams or something cool.

Sleepyhead was a game about a gentleman dying in his sleep. Poor guy.

There’s a couple of things you should know about the game before trying it out. It’s probably about 5 minutes long. You move around with A and D, and shift-click to pick shit up/interact with shit (including that alarm clock at the beginning). ALSO: The game will basically come to a halt after the Styx song starts skipping. That is the end of the game, however if you right-click and select “Forward”. You’ll get one last little scene with some pretty sweet music and some oddly nice imagery (if I do say so myself).


Click here to play Sleepyhead.

Project unfinished business. (AKA project sadness)

In honour of my declining ability to produce any work of value (unless you calling watching all four seasons of The OC “work of value”), I’ve decided to jettison any and all unfinished projects I’ve been working on or holding onto. A lot of these short, dumb things are going to be largely unplayable, nowhere near finished and very unpolished. They’re basically concepts for games I never finished.

Everything I’m uploading hasn’t been touched since I finished a small bout of work on it. This is somewhere between 6 months and 4 years. I’m going to try upload a “game” a day for the next two weeks or so, and explain a little bit about what the fuck I was thinking.

Here’s a teaser of what I’ll be up-ing. Awful file names.


And because I’m a fucking whore, I’d love any and all feedback.

You guys.

Screenshot Saturday and what not.

Probably too many enemies.

Probably too many enemies.


The Promised Land - A procedurally generated walking simulatorDownload (Pay what you want or download for free)And here it finally is. Made mostly during my 2 weeks in hospital.Please keep in mind that this is a Sharecart1000 game, so for the full experience check out some of the other games.I hope you enjoy ~


The Promised Land - A procedurally generated walking simulator

Download (Pay what you want or download for free)

And here it finally is. Made mostly during my 2 weeks in hospital.
Please keep in mind that this is a Sharecart1000 game, so for the full experience check out some of the other games.
I hope you enjoy ~